About Paparico


Talent, technology, and five-star service

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, working with an agency who can provide a specialist team with expert credentials is crucial to success.
We succeed by pairing the best talent with the latest technology, including AI, to approach challenges with one thing in mind and that's to deliver a high return on marketing investment.​
Paparico translates into 'to pamper' in Portuguese. So, if your business or brand needs a bit of extra love and attention, contact us for a free consultation. We like to live up to our name.


"I started Paparico because I believed that with the right team and technology in place I could deliver better results and a superior client experience."

Paul Townley-Jones, Managing Director

Why Choose Us

Paparico is where talent and technology augment to deliver a better client experience and ROI.


We source people with the right skills to get the job done.


AI and machine learning enable us to deliver better results.

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We value our client relationships and aim for 5-star service.

Return on Investment

We deliver ROI by combining talent, technology and trust.

Our Talent

We have a talented team but if your project requires a particular set of skills that we don't have in-house then we will source that expertise from within our network.




Artificial Intelligence

  • Patrick Pool


    Founder & Managing Director

    Paul brings to Paparico nearly 20 years of experience across a variety of roles including advertising strategy, marketing consulting, digital marketing, and market research.

  • Andrew Wilson


    B2B Marketing Communications Consultant

    Proficient in every aspect of B2B marketing communications, Gary enables companies to connect, engage and influence audiences to increase sales, develop brand reputation, and launch new products and new services.

  • Patrick Pool


    Communications Consultant

    Cori has dedicated her near 20-year career to creating effective PR campaigns for leading healthcare and food service brands at a local and global level.

  • Mark Taylor


    Communications Consultant

    Rosie is an accomplished marketing professional with an impressive track record of developing and executing strategic campaigns across the public (policing, criminal justice) and private (technology, travel, health, FMCG) sectors.

  • Mark Taylor


    Editorial Consultant

    Keith has worked in communications for 25 years, writing and editing in industries ranging from IT and journalism to academia and pharmaceuticals.

  • Helen Smith


    Marketing Consultant

    Coming soon.