Paul is...

a marketer
a public speaker
a manufacturer & importer
an entrepreneur
a former DJ
a market researcher
food & beverage certified
a Marketing & Business Management graduate

Paul has a range of experience he would like to share with you!

About Paul Townley-Jones

Paul is the Managing Director of PAPARICO. His experience comes from working for a number of businesses in the marketing disciplines such as:
● A strategic planner in global ad agencies such as Havas and DDB● A multi-channel marketing consultant● A business director at a digital marketing publisher● A founder of a startup in the auto industry, as well as a co-founder of a baking business● A semi-professional DJ at major London nightclubs such as Ministry of Sound and Egg● He has also founded Find A DJ which is essentially Upwork for DJs● A market researcher for global companies such as Nielsen and Cello
Paul completed a Business degree majoring in Business Management and Marketing. He has also completed a certification in Food & Beverage Operations and, as an avid home brewer, has an interest in the beer and alcohol industry having conducted work for Long Man Brewery among others.
Paul is a sports enthusiast with interests in the majority of sports including Formula 1, cricket, rugby, and football where he played in the Southern Amateur League as a midfielder for Bank of England. He also has an interest in e-sports, being a keen gamer in his (limited!) spare time.
Paul has manufactured, packaged, imported and distributed goods from China. Why? Simply because he wanted to know how it all worked. It is this curiosity that has led to Paul's success in business and the ability to discuss challenges and solutions with clients across many industries.
If the above qualifications resonate with you and your business, whether it be food and beverages, sport, gaming, music or otherwise, please get in touch. Working with someone who shares a similar passion is not only beneficial to your business but also fun for us.