AI is not the future of marketing. It’s already here — and in action.

AI is not the future of marketing. It’s already here — and in action.

Paul Townley-Jones, Managing Director of PAPARICO, reviews the growing impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing.

“We’re only now scratching the surface of what AI can do.”
- Deloitte


A report from Accenture revealed that 84% of C-suite executives feel they need to leverage AI in order to achieve their growth objectives.

While global events have become less predictable in recent years, one thing is beyond debate: AI plays a pivotal — and rapidly-growing — role in business today. The biggest and fastest-growing companies have bet their chips on AI — and they’re seeing the returns.

Alongside high-profile examples like autonomous vehicles, virtual assistants (see Siri and Alexa) and complex game-play (Chess and Go, for example), there are lesser-known applications of AI — medical diagnoses, predictions of judicial decisions, and handling of emergency roadside assistance.

It’s now seeing rapid adoption throughout marketing, too.

Like many things in tech these days, AI has become far easier for the wider market to implement because it’s now available through no-code or low-code platforms. And with far less investment than those examples required.

So let’s look at more of the reasons why, according to Forbes: “AI undoubtedly remains a key trend when it comes to picking the technologies that will change how we live, work and play in the near future.”

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