Meet Cuddles, our AI-powered SEO chatbot

Meet Cuddles, our AI-powered SEO chatbot

Cuddles, our artificial intelligence chatbot, has appeared on the Paparico SEO web page and she is there to answer your questions about SEO. Cuddles is learning, machine learning actually, so she will become smarter and smarter as time goes by.

Her sense of humour has developed already, however. Well, I personally don’t find her that funny but ask her to tell you a joke and maybe she will entertain you a little while you learn more about SEO. If you are interested in some SEO education, instead of typing your SEO question into Google why not ask Cuddles?

- What is SEO?

- What’s the difference between SEO and PPC?

- What is domain authority?

- What is link equity (or link juice)?

- Is SEO important when building a website?

- How much does SEO cost?

- What is off-site SEO?

- Tell me a joke

Or why not try something else!

If she doesn’t know the answer to something let us know by contacting us and we will train her.

If you are interested in leveraging AI for your SEO then please get in touch (with Paparico, not Cuddles).