Optimising your marketing performance using multichannel analytics and AI

Optimising your marketing performance using multichannel analytics and AI

Recently I was asked by Network My Club to be a speaker at one of their events and present 3 marketing insights or top tips. This is the first of the three, where I briefly highlight the advantage artificial intelligence (AI) can bring to multichannel analytics.

A lot of businesses will have someone managing SEO for them, someone else managing advertising, a social media team, an agency in charge of the UX for their website; and each of those teams or people are all looking at their own data sources and optimising things from there. They aren’t looking at the bigger picture.

By plugging-in all the various data sources — SEO data, ad accounts, website analytics, social analytics, Google My Business, e-commerce data — into a number of different artificial intelligence tools, those data sources can be analysed and cross-tabulated against each other in a matter of minutes. The insight that comes out the other end is incredibly powerful, beyond the realm of most human capabilities, and all done in next to no time.

I now have AI’s ‘watching’ my client accounts and sending me Slack Alerts or emails when I need to be informed of something — good or bad.

Some of the AI tools we use at PAPARICO are Morphiodiib, and PaveAI.

The next topic I covered was ‘Using conversational AI to engage your website visitors’.