Our gifts to you this Valentine’s Day

Our gifts to you this Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day and we don’t have any flowers or chocolate for you. Sorry. To make it up we are giving you some FREE opportunities to get useful insights for your business.

Starting out with ANALYTICS, let artificial intelligence take a look at your website analytics data, identify insights, and make recommendations on how to improve. All you need is to have Google Analytics (GA) installed on your website and the AI can do the rest.


Continuing on the analytics side of things, this time for social media, why not conduct a free SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYSIS and see how you stand against one of your competitors on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube.


To get ahead on social media, as a part of your strategy you need to be engaging INFLUENCERS in your industry. Don’t know where to start? Request a list of 10 carefully curated, genuine influencers based on personalised criteria here.


Would you like to know how your site is performing by benchmarking it against similar sites? Would you like an estimate of how much more revenue your website could contribute to your business per year? Do you need guidance on how to improve your site in terms of traffic, social media, mobile, and user experience? Request your free GROWTH PLAN here.


Are you looking for some (mostly free) TOOLS or lifetime deals to help you with your marketing? Tools so good that we use a lot of them ourselves? Why not try these out.


If you would like to be rewarded with 5% commission for referring a friend to Paparico, sign up to our REFERRAL PROGRAM and we will reciprocate the love!


Finally, is your marketing agency not showing you love? Visit the link below to be matched with someone who truly cares about quality customer service.