SEO: Decrease Your Server’s Response Time

SEO: Decrease Your Server’s Response Time

When conducting an SEO audit a result that often comes back is to ‘decrease your server’s response time’, but what does that mean exactly?

It’s classed as an ‘on-site’ issue and basically is means your hosting server is slow! The audit tool will have sent messages back and forth to your server and found it was slow. It means that loading page resources like your HTML, images and JavaScript will take a while.

When your server response time is slow, you will lose users who become impatient and click the back button. Amazon has found that every extra 100ms of response time costs them one percent in sales!

To fix this, first make sure this wasn’t a random occurrence. Use bitcatcha to test your site. If your response time for your site’s region is more than 200ms, you may want to switch servers.

For Wordpress, Pressidium comes highly recommended.