Using conversational AI to engage your website visitors

Using conversational AI to engage your website visitors

Recently I was asked by Network My Club to be a speaker at one of their events and present 3 marketing insights or top tips. My first tip was around Optimising your marketing performance using multichannel analytics and AI. This is the second of the three, where I cover how conversational AI chatbots can engage your audience in human-like ways.

Many businesses had to adapt over COVID-19 whether it was on offline business going online, launching new products or services, or managing a massive increase in incoming enquiries. I have spoken to insurance companies, mortgage brokers, healthcare companies including the NHS — all of these had to deal with extremely high volumes of calls during the pandemic.

The more traditional companies looked to grow their call centres, whereas tech-savvy companies looked to AI to lighten the workload. Conversational AI chatbots absolutely exploded over the past year as they were deployed on websites across a range of industries to help triage customers, answer questions, provide technical support, or even take payments. Chatbots finally became useful as they properly entered the conversational era while also engaging customers in an omnichannel way.

If your website gets a lot of visitors and you end up with a lot of inbound calls or emails, then I would recommend exploring what conversational AI can offer both for you and your customer experience.

The final tip I covered in this brief 3-part series was ‘The value in following a thorough web development process’.