AI Chatbot That Turns Website Visitors Into Leads

Deploy an AI chatbot that helps you generate more leads, schedule appointments, and even collect payments.

Capture Leads

Capture leads through a conversational flow that Paparico design for you. The conversation can branch based on visitor's answers, allowing you to identify more urgent leads or ask a different set of questions based on the lead type.
Key features:● Offer questions with multiple choice options● Ability to branch to different questions based on visitor's answer● Questions can have field validation to recognise numbers, dates, emails and more


Schedule Appointments


Connect the AI chatbot to your Google Calendar and it enable your visitors to schedule an appointment on the fly, without the need for any human intervention, on any day at any time.
Key features:● Connect to Google Calendar for direct scheduling● Define availability for each day independently● Define appointment time slots● Define how far in advance or how soon appointments can be made

Accept Payments

Have a chatbot take payments for you. Simply connect a payment processor like Stripe, provide some basic information to the bot, and the bot takes it from there.
Key features:● Set currency and amount to charge● Make payment part of the conversation flow● If visitor has made a successful payment, branch to deliver different content● No extra charges for having a bot take payment


Hosted Landing Pages


Link to a hosted page from anywhere and start gathering leads without a website. Hosted pages are perfect landing pages and are easy to create.

Existing Chatbot Templates For Many Use Cases

If your sector is listed below then we already have a template to help get your AI chatbot up-and-running as quickly as possible.


Sign on more clients and schedule consultations with this accountant chatbot


Find new catering clients with this chatbot collecting leads on your website


Find new bookings for your DJ services on your website with this DJ chatbot

Event Planning

Register more guests for your event and collect payment with this event planning chatbot

Gym & Personal Training

Bring more members into your gym or fitness program with these chatbots

Hair Salon

Attract salon clients on your website with a chatbot for your hair salon


Capture new homeowners looking for a handyman with this chatbot template

Home Improvement

Receive more homeowner leads in need of home improvement with this chatbot

Home Removal

Capture more leads looking to move from their current home with this chatbot


Collect more people in need of insurance with this insurance chatbot


Let customers schedule the exact time they want their garden taken care of with this appointment bot


Schedule more consultations with clients in need of legal advice with this lawyer chatbot

Massage Therapist

Collect phone numbers from people interested in a massage with this chatbot


Capture details of homeowners looking for their house to be painted

Pest Control

Help more homeowners with pests by making it easier to do business with you

Pet Care

Make it easy for pet owners to trust you with their pet with this chatbot


Convert more clients looking for a photoshoot on your portfolio website


Capture leads 24/7 on your website from customers in desperate need of a plumber

Pool & Spa

Sell appointments straight from your website for time slots at your pool & spa

Real Estate

Meet more buyers and sellers from your website with this real estate chatbot


Schedule interviews and collect details of applicants for the jobs you're recruiting for

Senior Care

Help families put their trust in you with this gentle chatbot


Increase demos and signups with a chatbot designed to sell software

Travel Agent

Convert more families looking to get away with this chatbot for your travel site


Get contact information from more parents looking for a tutor online


Sell your videography services online by accepting payments and info all on your website

Web Design

Make your website stand out so others trust you with theirs

Wedding Planning

Make it easy for engaged couples to find the right wedding planner with this chatbot


Price excludes set up and installation fee which starts at £99.

Annual Plan


per year

Unlimited leads
Appointment scheduler
Receive payments
Google Calendar integration
Unlimited users/recipients
Hosted landing pages
Lead to email, Zapier, SMS

Monthly Plan


per month

Unlimited leads
Appointment scheduler
Receive payments
Google Calendar integration
Unlimited users/recipients
Hosted landing pages
Lead to email, Zapier, SMS

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