Deep Insights Into Your Creative Strategy

Our creative AI looks at over 2,600 data points to inform and focus your brand's story.

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Identify Creative Trends

Discover visual themes, features, colours, composition, and accompanying messaging that are resonating with your audience.
Each industry has its own visual language. Know what styles are performing today, and how to keep abreast of emerging trends.
Every brand needs to differentiate. Identify how to stand out to your new customers and while staying true to your brand.
Answer burning questions about your creative. Should we show people or not? Landscapes, or product shots? Beaches or countryside? Face shots or rear positions? Pinks or reds? Now you can know for sure.

Statistically Significant Findings From Over 2,600 Data Points

Unbiased AI Analysis

Audit your competitors and/or your own brand
Analyse multiple digital and social channels
Include any relevant markets of choice for country-level insights
The AI is unsupervised and therefore completely unbiased

>2,600 Data Points

Image trends
Aspect ratios
Emoji logic
Colour analysis
Regional trends
Many, many, many more!

Powerful Results   

Proven results (global alcohol brand).


Increase in engagement


More people in user-generated content photos


More females sharing content

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