Grow Your Business

We connect your data to an AI and get to work on the growth plan it prepares.

AI uses predictive analytics to present opportunities it knows will deliver monetary growth

Website Health

AI checks the health status of your website such as SSL certificate, mobile speed, domain authority, backlinks, sitemap, and keywords.

Annual Growth Estimate

Get an estimate of how much more revenue your website could contribute to your business per year.

Benchmark Against Competitors

AI compares your website to other sites and grades it on factors such as traffic, social media, mobile, and user experience.

Growth Plan

AI creates a customised growth plan containing objectives focused on delivering real monetary value for your business.


AI informs of alerts, warnings and even successes along with their associated estimated monetary value.

SEO & Social Analytics

Gain insight into your most significant ranking keywords and backlinks, as well as social media performance.

Get your FREE growth analysis

Receive a growth analysis including real money estimate


Simply connect Paparico to the following services and get deep insights.

Google Analytics

Google My Business