Drive Leads and Sales with AI-Powered Advertising

Artificial intelligence can monitor and optimise your ads, targeting, bids and budget to maximise performance.

How it Works


Insight & Strategy

Campaigns without a sound strategy will likely fail or, at best, perform poorly. We use insight to craft your audience persona, advertising strategy, funnel, and creative brief to ensure your campaign gets off to the best start.



We come up with a creative idea for the campaign, put it into market research if required, then execute that idea across a range of different advertising assets.



We deploy your campaign using AI-powered ad platforms, with multivariate testing if required.



We monitor the campaign on a weekly basis and optimise it according to artificial intelligence recommendations.

Optimise Multichannel Digital Advertising Performance

Artificial intelligence manages and optimises your campaigns across the platforms you use, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



Google Search

Google Display

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Microsoft Ads

Premium Display


Machine Learning Technology Results   

Tested across nearly 33K campaigns  


Median increase in clicks


Median CPC decrease


Median increase in conversions


Median CPA Decrease

Multivariate Testing for Facebook & Instagram Campaigns

Find winning creative in half the time. Multivariate testing can deliver over 50% better ad performance

  • Create

    We generate a number of multivariate ad creatives using modular components.

  • Artboard 16


    We plug your ads directly into Facebook & Instagram and start testing for statistically significant results.

  • Analyse

    We monitor results of the multivariate tests to discover insights into what works and what doesn't, and optimise the campaign accordingly.

Protect Your Brand with these AI Add-Ons

Real-Time Fraud Prevention

Sophisticated machine learning drives protection against known and unknown fraud on your Google Ads PPC campaigns.

Advanced Sentiment Analysis

Fight off trolls by using AI to automatically hide negative comments on your Facebook and Instagram ads.

Women's Health Case Study

Discover how we helped educate women across Europe about uterine fibroids.

Bottled Cocktails Case Study

Find out how we grew World of Zing sales by 3.2X with an average CPC ~4X lower than the industry average.

Skincare Case Study

Find out how an award-winning skincare beauty company achieved a 1.4X better CPC using AI.

Other Advertising Channels

It's not always about digital! We can also produce ads for other channels that are relevant to your target audience.

Direct Mail

We design and print direct mail flyers, mailers, or inserts

Outdoor Advertising

We design and place billboards, transport ads, and other modes of outdoor advertising

Print Advertising

We can create magazine, newspaper, and journal ads in B2B and B2C markets

Radio Advertising

We write, voice-over, and produce radio ads that align with the visual vocabulary of your brand

Television Advertising

We work with video producers to create high-impact ads for mass audiences on TV

3D Banner Advertising

We are pioneering a new method of display advertising that allows your audience to engage with products in 3D.

Interested in launching an AI-powered digital advertising campaign?