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Drive Growth

Using artificial intelligence-powered advertising we engage your audiences or find new fans on premium websites such as Billboard, Spotify, MTV, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, Resident Advisor, DJ Mag, and many more.

Engage Fans

We create links, landing pages, and embedded widgets to help to spread the word and gather your tribe.

Build Your Audience

We learn how people engage with your brand, and segment them into actionable audiences.

Save an average of 84% using our service vs. going to the premium websites directly!

World Class Creative

We are working with the extremely talented creative, Ed Coward, known for his design and illustration work for brands such as Ministry of Sound, South West Four, Human Traffic Live, Café Mambo (Ibiza), Turnmills, and many more.

You won’t find a more experienced designer in the UK EDM industry. With Ed's expertise we promise you unique and eye-catching ad design that's been used by some of the biggest events, DJs and festivals around the UK.

Below is just a small selection of his amazing work…

Ad Campaign Types

Artboard 5

Prospecting Campaign

Find new fans, customers, audiences

    Premium websites
    Email newsletter ads
retargeting, remarketing, target, market, audience

Remarketing Campaign

Engage existing fans

    Reach your fans with the right message, in the right place, at the right time

Audio Streaming Campaign

Reach listeners where they listen to music

    Spotify audio and video ads
    iHeartRadio (USA)
    Audio ads can't be skipped

Embed Content Directly Into Your Ads

Integrate content into your ads from major platforms including YouTube, Apple Audio, Spotify, or SoundCloud!

To the right you can see a preview of what an interactive HTML5 ad might look like on a premium website when embedded with SoundCloud content.

This website is not endorsed, approved by, or affiliated with Rudimental or their record label in any way.

Interactive HTML5 SoundCloud ad

Musician Case Studies

Check out how some artists have leveraged this technology to find new audiences, increase streaming and drive sales


Nathaniel Rateliff

Increase Streaming & Sales

● iHeartRadio audio inventory targeting listeners of radio stations in those markets● Spotify audio advertising targeting fans of the band● Remarketing advertising targeting fans of the band
Results:● Minimum of 75% increase in rate of acceleration in stream growth in each market; 100% in Philadelphia● Streaming of “You Worry Me” grew by 16% in the experimental group and contributed to an 8% increase in overall streaming of the band's music



Increase Spotify Streams

● Portland, Sapient's hometown, was ranked just 16th in his top streaming cities● Launched an audio ad that would incorporate his new song, Overjoyed
Result:● Portland rose from #16 to #2, in just one week



Find New Audiences

● Armada wanted to find people on Spotify who would listen to and maybe save their music
Results:● 40% of people who clicked streamed enough to register as a “listener” and about half of those saved at least one, if not multiple songs to their library● An increase in radio listens


What budget do I need to get started?

To understand if your offer, your ad creative, and your audience is a good fit, £400 ($500) is an ideal ad budget to get you started. This excludes any PAPARICO fee for strategy, creative, and campaign set-up.

Which premium sites can I target?

Your ads can be shown across hundreds of premium music websites in the following categories:All Music, Americana, Country, Canadian Culture Music, Electronic Dance Music (EDM), Gospel, Hip Hop, Indie, Jam Band, Jazz, Metal, Pop, R&B, Rock, Singer Songwriter. Contact us if you'd like to know more about the specific websites available.

Can I advertise on premium sites outside of music?

Yes. If you need to, your ads can also be shown on premium sites in the following categories and their sub-categories:Business & Finance, Comedy, Health & Wellness, Hobbies & Interests, Pop Culture & Entertainment, Tech & Gadgets, Television & Film, Travel & Hospitality.

What is the minimum spend to advertise on premium sites?

Zero. We use the only platform where you can target the most premium websites in your industry, with no minimums. We'll even save you an average of 84% versus going direct.

Can I target people based on their interests?

Yes. There are over 2,500 interest categories to help you target your audience personas as accurately as possible.

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