Branding: Brand Identity & Logo Design

We will create your brand and set you up with an identity to help you look professional and stand out from the crowd.

Deciding on a logo and brand identity for your business is more important than many people give time or attention to. A brand is ultimately what makes you stand out from the crowd and once you have built and established a brand, it is what helps customer's minds make a simple choice - you.

Deciding on your brand identity is perhaps one of the most important marketing decisions you will ever make. We have many years of experience in researching, building, and developing brands.

Our branding services include:

    Logo development
    Strapline / tagline / slogan writing
    Sonic branding / Audio branding
    Social media brand kit
    Stationery designs (business cards etc)
    Cloud-based brand guidelines
    Competitor branding audit
    Brand development workshops
    And more

Before we undertake any creative challenge for clients, such as advertising, it is important that certain brand elements are already in place for the creative brief to be completed. We can also help you with these.

Brand essence

We start by asking: What is the brand's core purpose? Why does your brand exist? As Simon Sinek says, "Start with why."

Brand personality

How does the brand want to be seen or present itself?

Brand archetype

We answer above brand personality question by helping you establish an archetype for your brand. The archetype sets the behaviour and tone of voice for the brand across all interactions with customers.

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