Funnel Planning

We quickly model and simulate the potential profit of any sales or marketing funnel before creating a campaign.

Save money by planning & predicting profit before launching


Using advanced software we create beautiful maps of our proposed sales and marketing funnels and scenarios so you can visualise the customer journey from any paid traffic source.


Using data, we add the expected traffic you will receive from each paid traffic source, including conversion rates, and simulate the performance of each funnel.


Using a powerful logic engine we can calculate potential revenue, profit, and ROI from each funnel and present these metrics in detailed forecasting reports.

We can create funnels for all campaigns no matter how big or small

Simple vs. complex funnels


What are the advantages of planning funnels?

    Save time and money through smarter planning
    Simulate performance before creating or building anything
    Realise your funnel's potential
    Model all your business ideas and plans
    Avoid costly mistakes
    Discover optimisation opportunities
    Simulate traffic before buying traffic
    And more...

Scenario Planning

What if?

● You changed your product price from £49 to £59?● Your sales conversion increased from 2.4% to 3.2%?● You added another upsell or downsell?● You increased your opt-in rate from 28% to 35%?● You added a cart abandonment sequence?● Your average CPC for Facebook traffic decreased from £0.75 to £0.65?
In these instances we are able to create multiple "scenarios" within the same project. We then run a Scenario Comparison Report to instantly compare how your funnel is affected based on the differences between each scenario. Gain quick and easy visibility of the revenue and profit changes behind any scenario hypotheses you may have.


Do you need to simulate your funnel?

We can simulate your funnel performance and plan for best or worst case scenarios.