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Save time and money in finding the right influencer
● Find influencers by interest, brand affiliation, location, gender, and audience● Predict influencer audience reach● Uncover in-depth insights into any influencer’s follower base - demographics, interests, and other brand partnerships● Analyse influencers for suspicious followers and eliminate them● Track an influencer's follower growth trajectory● Track industry trends and competitors● Discover the most active brands and trending hashtags among influencers

Engage influencers and manage relationships

Using the Influencer Marketing Platform with built-in CRM, you can contact your shortlisted influencers in bulk and track replies.
Negotiate contractual terms and conditions directly from within the platform.

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Influencer Marketing Platform

Artificial intelligence algorithms profile influencers and their audience across social media.




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Measure and optimise your campaigns

Track the performance of your Influencer campaigns
● Campaign analytics help track engagement from your target audience● Identify Influencers that were ineffective in previous campaigns in order to optimise your Influencer marketing strategy

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Example influencer list requests

Female footwear brand

Influencers who wear designer shoes in France

    Followers between 10k to 15k
    Engagement >3%
    Audience based in France

Alcoholic beverage brand

Influencers who travel and drink Gin

    Followers between 15k to 50k
    Active travellers
    Based in the UK
    Have not worked with @bombaysapphire

Vegetarian restaurant

Influencers in London who are vegetarian

    Followers between 50k to 150k
    Engagement >5%
    Strictly vegetarian
    Audience based in London