Influencer Marketing AI

Run high-impact influencer marketing campaigns. Discover genuine influencers, brief them, and measure effectiveness.

AI-powered influencer search

We help you find real, genuine influencers and get in-depth insights into psychographic and demographic data of over 120 million influencers and their audiences.
Eliminate influencers with fake followers.
Whether your campaign is right for Instagram, TikTok or YouTube, we can help you make data-driven decisions for your next influencer campaign to be a success.


Find influencers across multiple channels






*Twitter is a limited service which does not use AI

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Engage influencers and manage relationships

Using the influencer relationship management (IRM) system we contact your shortlisted influencers, negotiate contractual terms, and brief them on their requirements and goals.

Predictive analytics

AI predicts campaign results in advance, from reach to engagement and more.


Content management

We monitor content through a client-involved approval process and deliver feedback directly to influencers for quality assurance.

Measure and optimise your campaigns

Track the performance of your Influencer campaigns
● Campaign analytics help track engagement from your target audience● Identify Influencers that were ineffective in previous campaigns in order to optimise your Influencer marketing strategy

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