Market Research

Better understand your target audience and uncover insights which will springboard for your communication strategy.

Our market research heritage stretches back almost 20 years

Paparico Managing Director, Paul, spent the first decade of his career in market research and knows a thing or two about the importance insight has on the success of marketing campaigns.

In a customer-centric environment, understanding customer's goals, needs, wants, desires, problems, challenges - what makes them 'tick' - is key to making sure your communications with customers are effective.

Paparico is able to generate insights whether it be through quantitative or qualitative methodologies, conducting surveys, telephone interviews, focus groups, video diaries, ethnography, mystery shopping, or simply mining through your analytics data. We get under the surface of customers using techniques derived from neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to understand things about people that perhaps they do not even know about themselves.

The insight we generate feeds directly into the creative brief, the campaign idea and its associated tactics, so you could argue you don't have a campaign without insight.

We could go on-and-on about market research, so take our word for it that you can feel safe in knowing we can incorporate this capability into your project should it be a requirement.

You never know enough about your customers

Let us help you find out more about your customers, by finding out more about us.