Search Engine Optimisation Artificial Intelligence

We use AI to help with SEO strategy, find and index links, show how to optimise content and code, track and forecast rankings, monitor and predict traffic, watch websites for errors and more.

Our SEO service is a perfect example of AI assisting humans

Our clients still work with an SEO specialist - The only difference is that our specialists are armed with a number of SEO AI technologies to deliver better results.

Adaptive SEO Strategy

With AI your SEO strategy adapts to search engine algorithm changes


Quick Results

AI finds the easiest links to build and recommends the code and content changes which will boost your rankings the fastest

Find Backlinks

Backlinks are the most important ranking factor and our AI is equipped with multiple link finding modules

Rank Tracking & Forecasting

Monitor your rankings and watch your KPIs increase

Precise Rank Tracking

All your SEO keyword rankings in one place. By using cutting edge technologies and multiple independent sources of data we are able to provide the most accurate ranking information.

Forecasting SEO Rankings

Essie (AI) doesn't just report rankings, she gives a highly accurate prediction of future positions. Each AI simulation is based on millions of data points collected from auditing over 120,000 web pages.

SEO Monitoring

SEO is not complete without a proper list of tasks and opportunities to act on. Essie (AI) will audit your URL, comparing it to the top 3 SEO competitors to report on what’s needing attention.

Advanced Analysis

Information collected from auditing websites is hard to analyse. At Paparico, you will get a data analysis performed by an advanced machine learning system, with intuitive scoring presented in an easy to digest form.

Niche-Relevant Links

AI analyses your industry to find the most powerful, available backlinks. We know they are the best links because they are from the top ranking sites in your niche.

Outreach Opportunities

Every day online, people are talking about your brand. AI shows us where so you can join the conversation.

Brand Building

Large brands are good at securing their brand name and trademarks across the web. AI helps us to do the same for you.

White Hat SEO

We control every link built, with all backlinks coming from top-ranking sites. Whether it is brand links, niche links or guest post outreach, Paparico can help you scale natural, white hat link building.

No Ghost Links

Every link we build will be submitted to Google using URL indexing software, making sure Google can see your links.

The Sky's The Limit

Our AI never stops looking for links. As sites in your industry get new backlinks and new opportunities open up, the AI finds them and tells us which are most important.

I want to go fast!

Studies show that for every extra second a website takes to load, visitor bounce rate increases by 10%.
In ecommerce, Walmart found that decreasing load time by one second increased conversions by 2%.
As part of our SEO offering we will increase the speed of your site, reducing your bounce rate and improving your conversions and search engine ranking. 

Website Analysis

First, we analyse the speed of your website using Google's PageSpeed Insights which scores your website performance on both desktop and mobile.


Next, we make the necessary updates to your website code and images to improve the speed of your website.

Deploy & Re-evaluate

We push the updates live and re-run the Google PageSpeed Insights analysis to measure the impact of our work. We also measure bounce rate over time.

Want to rank higher in search engine results?

Ask our AI-powered chatbot, Cuddles, some questions about SEO!

You can ask Cuddles frequently asked questions about SEO. For example:
- What is SEO?- What is link equity?- What is domain authority?- How long will it take for SEO to start working?- What is a Google penalty- How much does SEO cost?- And more
She will even tell you some (bad) jokes! This was just supposed to be a little bit of fun, after all.