Sensory Mobile Advertising

Create memorable mobile campaigns leveraging haptics, gyro and touch technology.

Mobile ads don't have to be boring!

We are not a typical agency which is why, when it comes to mobile advertising, we are doing something a little different.
Mobile ads don't have to be boring, static, annoying pop-ups that don't engage the user.
At Paparico we make the most of mobile technologies such as haptics and touch as well as the gyroscope and accelerometer to create memorable, fun and interactive mobile campaigns that engage the senses.
Here are four reasons as to why should you consider sensory mobile technology when reaching your audience.

  • Higher memorability

    Consumers are 10x more likely to remember an ad if they have to swipe or shake their phone

  • Heightened engagement

    When an ad feels like an experience people engage with it 10-15% more

  • It's fast

    10x faster than traditional HTML5 units in fact, and they still render with more clarity

  • Highly targeted

    Programmatic units reach the right people at the right time in the right place, whether it be based on the time of day, location or even weather

Types of interactions

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Click & Hold




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Want to dial-up your mobile advertising? Dial-up, get it?!

Sensory advertising offers an immersive brand experience for mobile that loads faster, renders better and engages the senses.