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Start with a social media strategy

The first thing we do when working with you on social media marketing is conduct a social media audit of your data, as well as that of your industry and competitors, and look for insights to help build or refine your social media marketing strategy.
Following the audit we run an engaging workshop with you to define your social media strategy including setting SMART objectives, defining target audience personas, and identifying which social media channels will suit your business needs.
For each channel we look at factors such as:● Goals● KPIs● Tonality● Content division (creation vs. curation)● Best days/times to post● Rules of engagement● Our 'VIP' growth strategy: Viral marketing, Influencer engagement, Paid media
We then brainstorm content ideas looking at key content categories/types of content, and defining the 'pillar' content and surrounding 'cluster' content.
Finally, we help you create a comprehensive content calendar that maps out your content and social media needs for the coming months so that you can keep ahead of your social media instead of playing the daily game of wondering what to post.

Establish a social media creative strategy

Before engaging your audience on social media you should analyse your industry and discover what works and what doesn't.

Article illustration photo
Article illustration photo

"Paul made the [social media] training very clear and easy to understand, it was interactive and he was very friendly and enthusiastic throughout! We left feeling very positive we had the tools needed to reach our goals!"

Pashe Harris, Orange Vehicle Rental

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