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Connect with your customers and grow your audience seamlessly. Unleash the power of artificial intelligence to maximise your social media marketing efforts.


Start with a social media strategy

The first thing we do when working with you on social media marketing is conduct a social media audit of your data, as well as that of your industry and competitors, and look for insights to help build or refine your social media marketing strategy.
Following the audit we run an engaging workshop with you to define your social media strategy including setting SMART objectives, defining target audience personas, and identifying which social media channels will suit your business needs.
For each channel we look at factors such as:● Goals● KPIs● Tonality● Content division (creation vs. curation)● Best days/times to post● Rules of engagement● Our 'VIP' growth strategy: Viral marketing, Influencer engagement, Paid media
We then brainstorm content ideas looking at key content categories/types of content, and defining the 'pillar' content and surrounding 'cluster' content.
Finally, we help you create a comprehensive content calendar that maps out your content and social media needs for the coming months so that you can keep ahead of your social media instead of playing the daily game of wondering what to post.

AI helps us succeed in social media

Powerful AI

Technology powerful enough to make relevant content suggestions by learning the content being posted.

Compliance Engine

A mighty engine that prevents damaging, redundant and unwanted content from being posted. It continuously scans your library for compliance and makes appropriate suggestions as necessary.


Executing campaigns with our team is easy. Clients can provide feedback and keep campaigns moving with a flexible team collaboration tool.

AI platform integrations

The AI connects to all major social networks


Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups

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We use a dedicated mobile app for easy Instagram publishing from the web app


Linked In Pages, Linked In Profiles, Linked In Groups





Generate authentic brand content from URLs and RSS feeds

Smart campaign scheduling & management optimised by AI

We eliminate wasted time and effort creating and optimising schedules and workflow. It's half the battle coming up with content and graphics - the other half is figuring out where and when to post. Thankfully, artificial intelligence makes this simple. By recognising patterns, the AI allows us to set up social media campaigns with ease no matter how long or short the schedule.

We build you a flexible content library

Human-generated content

We easily create your content by uploading images or a spreadsheet with multiple posts and sorting them into categories.

AI-generated content

We can add content via RSS feeds or import URLs and let artificial intelligence automatically create content, including quotes, while recommending the best trending hashtags to use.

AI prevents spam content

The compliance engine works automatically, ensuring that your content complies and prevents inadvertent spam from being posted. The AI flags content not in compliance and recommends changes to make it usable.

Social media image recognition

What's in your image? What hashtags should you use?
The AI is able to pick up on brands as well as specific objects within an image including text. As a result, it's quick and easy to create social posts that are relevant and contextual.

Word, emoji, hashtag and image prediction

Do you know of couples who finish each others sentences? Annoying, isn't it? Except when your are creating social media content that is.
When creating a post, the AI analyses in real-time millions of data points to pinpoint the perfect word or phrase to suggest. For example, while reading an article, the AI suggests phrases coming directly from the article to use in the post along with accompanying emojis and hashtags it knows perform well.
The smart AI search engine searches over 10 million Creative Commons 0 visuals to finds us relevant images for your posts in just a few seconds. Based on millions of data from visuals, statistics from social media, and the latest neuromarketing research, the AI can also predict which images will perform best, making image selection less guess work and more data-driven.
What does all of this mean? Getting suggestions on what to say in a post as well as which emoji's, hashtags and images will perform best means we can be ultra efficient in preparing your social media campaign as well as have the confidence we are using content we know will deliver optimal engagement.

Image recognition

High-Quality Content Creation & Automation"The artificial intelligence helps facilitate your content strategy so you can spend more time doing other important things. Think of it as a semi-automated content creating experience, driven by a complex intuitive algorithm, data science and machine learning process. It scans articles and generates engaging social media posts from it, simulating a real human writer."

Establish a social media creative strategy

Before engaging your audience on social media you should analyse your industry and discover what works and what doesn't.

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