4FOOTYFANS Re-brand and Website Re-skin

Turning sports e-commerce store 4FootyFans.com into a brand with a new, up-to-date look

4FOOTYFANS Brand Identity

4FootyFans old and new logos

Background: The 4FOOTYFANS brand image looked dated and did not match the ‘discerning football fan’ audience being targeted. The use of 80s style fluorescent green, grass in the logo, a player covering the logo, and use of clip-art style brand elements did not give the store a serious look and feel. 4FOOTYFANS asked how we could help with the objectives of increasing conversions and revenue, so we began the process of creating a new brand identity in order to instil more trust in the brand particularly among new visitors.
Challenge: To help propel 4FOOTYFANS to be one of the UK's leading sports gifts, souvenirs, memorabilia and merchandise companies supplying the finest products at reasonable prices.
Insight: The customer is looking for a brand they can trust when purchasing online, as well as a brand that aligns to their own personality.
Result: One of the barriers we had to overcome was to not alienate the typical football fan and 4FOOTYFANS customer. We achieved that through the use of a typography similar to that seen on the back of retro football shirts, combined with a brand pallette of football colours featuring Liverpool/Arsenal/Manchester reds and football pitch greens. Some familiarity with the old logo has been kept with the double line height '4' followed by 'FOOTY' stacked on top of 'FANS'.
Output: New logo with various versions and formats, brand guidelines document, brand colour pallette, social media covers, website background.

4FOOTYFANS Website Design

With the new logo in place it was time to bring the website inline with the new brand identity.

  • 4FootyFans website design


    Marko (website) & Ed (brand)




    HTML5, CSS3, Joomla!, VirtueMart

    Marko took hold of the brand guidelines and creative brief and set to work on creating some new designs that would work within the Joomla! and VirtueMart frameworks (see opposite).
    Paul's task was to configure the Joomla! and VirtueMart back-end as required, then make the necessary CSS and HTML updates to bring Marko's designs to life. These updates had to be made in a way that future Joomla! updates would not break the site.
    Despite the challenge of having to work within the Joomla! template, we've managed to bring the website a more modern look-and-feel and one which will instil more confidence in potential purchasers.

Before & After

Slide the handle left to right

4FootyFans new website
4FootyFans old website


Our KPIs in the brief were to increase revenue and website conversions. Below are the results ~7 weeks since the website relaunch.

2.6X Revenue

↑159% vs previous period

↑126% vs previous year

5.3X Conversion Rate

↑451% vs previous period

↑49% vs previous year

4.5X Transactions

↑347% vs previous period

↑18% vs previous year

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