Advertising AI Case Study

Discover how an award-winning skincare beauty brand was able to raise awareness and drive traffic more efficiently with AI

Apothaka, an award-winning skincare beauty company, came to Paparico with the objective of raising awareness of their brand on Instagram - a channel where the company has seen their best success in terms of engagement and driving sales.
With a small budget to play with, campaign efficiency was important. We leveraged machine learning to run a series of Instagram ads targeting new customers as well as retargeting website visitors. We utilised a '15% off' promotion Apothaka were already running on their site, as a hook for the campaign.

We set the campaign objective to maximise clicks in order to drive traffic to the website. The AI took just 3 days to noticeably make an impact and performance started to spike again from day 9, delivering an efficiently run campaign with the following results:

  • CPM 1.5X benchmark KPI

  • CPC 1.4X benchmark KPI


"We achieved 1.5X benchmark on CPM and 1.4X benchmark on CPC. The AI made it easy to set a target audience and push the ads to multiple platforms – the process is much simpler than using Google and Facebook separately."

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