Bottled Cocktails Digital Marketing Campaign

Find out how we grew World of Zing sales by 3.2X during COVID-19


With the closure of bars and pubs due to COVID-19, World of Zing recognised an opportunity to target people who began drinking cocktails at home more and more. PAPARICO were commissioned to deliver a digital marketing campaign of which we proposed:

  • Online advertising

  • Social media

  • Email marketing

  • SEO & Shopify store optimisation

Experience Flavour Beyond Ordinary

Armed with data from our AI website analysis, social media analysis, detailed competitor analysis, plus having developed two customer personas, we landed on the single-minded proposition 'Experience Extraordinary Flavours' and set out on creating a campaign with Zing!

Campaign performance

AI-Powered Ad Campaign

Utilising a recent photoshoot and new video assets we launched paid social (top-of-funnel) and paid search (direct response) ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google and Bing.
Artificial intelligence optimised the bid strategy and despite not having a pre-built audience to work with, by week 2 the campaign was already delivering clicks at an average CPC ~4X lower than the industry average benchmark.
Our client is often seen on Channel 4's Sunday Brunch and to take advantage of these appearances we also launched two additional sub-campaigns aimed at targeting viewers of the show.

Heading photo

Engaging Social Media Campaign

PAPARICO were also tasked with driving engagement on social media and after onboarding and learning the brand's personality and tone of voice, we set about creating over 25 posts per month across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Over 3 months we:
● Grew followers by 7.6%● Increased social media engagement by 765%● Increased Instagram engagement by 1,611%
Although the objective was not to drive direct sales from social posts, we did manage to increase social media sales from £0 to nearly £730.

Email template

New Email Template

World of Zing's email list was too large to ignore, however the email templates being used didn't align with the "premium brand" the client was trying to convey.
In order to maximise conversions from World of Zing's email marketing, PAPARICO set about to develop a new email template for the campaign that could be used for the brand moving forward. After designing two proposed templates in Adobe, we developed the 'winning' template in Stripo then imported it into Mailchimp for final tweaks.
The result is a fresh email template that really speaks the brand. We also created additional design elements that could be swapped in and out as desired.

Bottled Cocktails Campaign Results


sales revenue (↑225%)

↑195% sales volume


conversion rate

↑11% average order value


Google Search ROAS

0.98 ROAS overall


Instagram engagement

↑765% social media engagement

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