Technical SEO on Wix Website

PAPARICO were commissioned to prepare The Ritual for a stage of significant growth.

Having been built by the business owner with little-to-no SEO knowledge, our AI-powered SEO audits showed that The Ritual website was lacking in terms of basic technical, on-site SEO and had a domain authority of just 1.

Our AI technology helped us focus on the pages and tasks that needed actioning urgently. So, with a budget of £1,000 we set out to right some of the wrongs as best we could, on a platform (Wix) that does not allow you to deal with many of the issues raised in SEO audits.

Despite those challenges we managed to significantly improve the overall SEO, Domain Authority, and Pagespeed scores for The Ritual, setting the website and business up well for its next chapter.

The Ritual SEO Results in Numbers

Increased Screpy SEO score from 61% to

73%12 point improvement

Increased Morphio SEO score from 55% to

72%17 point improvement

Increased Google Pagespeed score from 41% to

63%1.4 sec decrease in load time & 310kB decrease in avg. page size

Increased backlinks from 0 to

367links built

Increased Domain Authority from 1 to


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