AI-Powered PPC Advertising From Just £10 per day

Artificial intelligence can monitor and optimise your ads, targeting, bids and budget to maximise performance.

Meet Our Advertising AI's

Each AI specialises in different areas, platforms and budgets.

Alan - £60+ daily budget

Adriel - £10+ daily budget

Quentin - Amazon Campaigns

Alan - £60+ daily budget

PPC advertising

Alan manages larger PPC campaigns

- Google Search, Google Display, Google Shopping, Bing, Facebook, Instagram- Bid and budget management powered by machine learning- Alan's 30+ self-learning algorithms constantly analyse data across advertising platforms, optimise spend and increase clicks or conversions- Algorithms tuned to campaign objectives- Maximise the impact of spend across search and display automatically- AI-powered traffic and lead estimates- ROI calculator helps determine what level of ad spend will lead to the best outcomes- Programmatic Display advertising is also available as a managed service- Suit larger budgets of £60+ per day

"I optimise campaigns in my sleep with 24/7 bid and budget management powered by over 30 machine learning algorithms."

'Alan', PPC AI at Paparico

Optimise Cross-Platform Digital Advertising Performance

Artificial intelligence manages and optimises your campaigns across many different platforms

Google Search

Google Display

Google Shopping





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Programmatic Display*

Machine Learning Results   

Tested across 33K campaigns  


Increase in conversions


Decrease in CPA


Decrease in CPC


Increase in clicks

Skincare Case Study

See how an award-winning skincare beauty company smashed benchmark KPIs with their first-ever Instagram campaign.

Pricing Models

A tailored set up fee will cover the costs of strategy, funnels, copywriting, ad design, landing page design, analytics, CRM integration, setting up the campaign in the AI platform, and any other needs you might have.
A monthly AI platform fee will be charged to cover the technology costs:- Adriel: 13% of media spend- Alan: £195- Quentin: £464
For our monthly management fee there are various options dependent on your business model and campaign objectives.

  • Lead Referral



    of average order value

  • Sales Generation



    sales commission

  • Media Commission

    Pay-per-pound spent on media


    £60+/day media spend**
    £10+/day media spend**

*includes AI platform fee

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