Create an Environmentally Sustainable Business

Paparico has partnered with Elberry Sustainability Consulting to help you create a truly sustainable business future for you and your stakeholders

Sustainability Capabilities

Our partnership with Elberry Sustainability Consulting (ESC) enables us to deliver the creation of a tailored, integrated, long-term sustainability approach across your organisation. In addition, with Paparico's expertise in marketing and public relations we can then communicate your sustainability message to your customers and key stakeholders.

Holistic View

We aim to take a holistic view of sustainability across your organisation, collaborating across the following:

    Stakeholder engagement, reporting, communications & prioritisation
    Environmental & societal impact assessments 
    Supply chain analysis, benchmarking & optimisation
    Environmental, social and governance review, analysis & recommendations
    Latest regulatory guidance & advice
    Business policy and process mapping & creation
    Performance metrics & KPIs
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Delivering results and improving leadership, processes and performance via the following capabilities:

    Business strategy & transformation
    Change management
    Project management


We amplify your commitment to environmental sustainability message out to your stakeholders:

    Communications strategy
    Marketing collateral
    Campaign execution
    Public relations & corporate communications
    Internal communications

Environmental Sustainability

Long-term value for the planet and your business

Set a Vision

The first step to sustainability is open-mindedness to change. By identifying what matters most to you and your business, we can facilitate change and start to create your future view of your business.


In order to embed sustainability, collective action must be taken. To succeed in sustainability you must engage all stakeholders - listening to feedback and accelerating the effectiveness of resources and relationships.


Your customers are becoming increasingly well-informed of their impact on the environment. Our aim is to provide you the necessary knowledge of sustainability and the tools with which to further enhance your market and transform problems into positive results.


Assisting with your long term goals and objectives will result in new, dynamic opportunities in a increasingly resource-intensive world. You will be able to make business decisions guided by values and make impact beyond your organisation, maximising your economic, social and environmental potential.

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About Elberry Sustainability Consulting

With qualifications from IEMA and Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership (CISL) coupled with experience across international and regional organisations, ESC believe in simple solutions to complex problems, enabling them to provide a manageable framework for your business to grow and succeed.
With a strong belief that people do business with people, ESC provide effective communication, collaboration and an empathic perspective to achieving your goals.

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Paparico's sustainability work

So far we have helped a famous brewery and a local retail chain communicate their environmental sustainability efforts to consumers. We're also in discussions with a sustainable clothing company.
We want to work with more businesses who are interested in reducing their environmental footprint.

Our commitment to a more sustainable future

Our goal is to minimise our impact on the environment

Business Cards

Our cotton business cards are made from 100% recycled T-shirt offcuts.


We use videoconferencing for all our internal meetings.

Renewable Energy

We use renewable energy that offsets our carbon footprint, and we only use low energy light bulbs and rechargeable batteries.

Food & Drink

Our office tea is Carbon Neutral Certified and is also Rainforest Alliance Certified. All employees are given a reusable coffee cup when they join.

Paperless Office

We are a paperless office, helped by the use of tablet PCs and Signable (e-signatures) for the signing of contracts. If we are forced to print on paper (i.e for legal reasons), we use Carbon Capture Certified paper.

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We recycle everything possible, including food waste which gets turned into compost.


Remote Working

We all work remotely which means zero carbon emissions from commuting.


We use public transport when feasible to do so, otherwise all employees drive hybrid or electric vehicles. We only fly when absolutely necessary (such as an overseas pitch presentation).

We also like to work with other businesses who also make sustainability a priority.

Deliver a sustainable future

From engagement through to delivery, Paparico & ESC have the capabilities and knowledge to help you achieve the vision for your business, with sustainability at the centre.

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