Our Environmental Sustainability Promise

PAPARICO promises to protect the environment as best we can through the introduction of environmentally sustainable practices to our business operations.

Our environmental sustainability vision

To become B Corp certified
To be carbon neutral
To achieve 'net zero'

Our own commitment to a more sustainable future

One of our main goals is to minimise our impact on the environment

Business Cards

Our cotton business cards are made from 100% recycled T-shirt offcuts.


We use videoconferencing for long-distance meetings where possible to reduce carbon emissions from unnecessary travelling.

Renewable Energy

A large solar farm on the roof provides our energy. We use low energy LED lighting, low energy heating, and rechargeable batteries.

Food & Drink

Our coffee and tea in the café is from single source fair trade growers. Food is made using locally sourced ingredients and green energy for production.


Green Search Engine

We search the Internet using Ecosia - the search engine that plants trees.

Green Web Hosting

Our staging websites run on 100% renewable power.

Paperless Office

We are paperless helped by the use of tablet PCs and Signable (e-signatures). If we have to print on paper (i.e. for legal reasons) we use Carbon Capture Certified paper.

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The café and catering suppliers aim to reduce plastic and incorporate recyclable and biodegradable packaging.


Remote Working

We have a remote working policy which reduces carbon emissions from commuting.


Sustainability Consulting

We offer environmental sustainability consulting and communications as a service.


We use public transport wherever possible. It is company policy to offset our carbon emissions when using air travel.

Tree Planting

Starting 31 August 2021 we now plant 25 trees every time we kick off a new project! Learn more.

We want to work with other businesses who share the same values in making sustainability a priority.

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PAPARICO's sustainability work

So far we have helped two breweries and a local retail chain communicate their environmental sustainability efforts to consumers.

We want to work with more businesses who are interested in reducing their environmental footprint.

Deliver a sustainable future

From engagement through to delivery, PAPARICO are more than happy to work with other businesses who put sustainability at the centre of everything they do.